What is the Best 5W30 Conventional Oil ?

One of the most often used classes of oil viscosity on the market right now is 5W30. It comes highly recommended for light vehicles, SUVs, and passenger cars. However, there are more and more synthetic products in this range and many among us are still looking for 5W30 conventional oil.

In this article, we’ll go into great detail on the benefit of 5W30 conventional oil, and we will look at the best products in that type of motor oil.We’ll consider if it’s good for diesel engines and heavy-duty use, or for more classic vehicles. Additionally, we’ll examine its distinction from the other multigrade oils.

What is conventional motor oil ?

A lubricant made entirely from crude oil is conventional motor oil. It possesses exceptional qualities that enable it to offer lubrication at high temperatures and keep its stability for extended periods of time. Actually, synthetic oil starts off as regular oil before being altered to enhance its lubrication and protection qualities.

Certain synthetic oil mixes are made expressly to improve the efficiency and lifespan of high-mileage vehicles. Some are designed especially for powerful engines. Others are genuinely able to improve your car’s fuel efficiency by employing specialized high-tech lubricants.

Is 5W-30 a conventional oil ?

The base oil in traditional motor oil 5W-30 is composed of refined crude oil. Anti wear ingredients are added to this base oil. Despite having similar qualities to synthetic oil, mineral oil does not compare favorably to synthetic motor oil in terms of performance.

New traditional motor oil will perform identically like 5W30 synthetic oil in terms of oil viscosity grade. It will, however, deteriorate more quickly with time and have an impact on fuel economy and engine performance.

On the other hand, 5W-30 synthetic oil is significantly more stable, provides superior engine protection, and effectively lubricates key engine components. After a certain point though, engine oil (whether synthetic, traditional, or a synthetic blend) degrades and loses its fuel efficiency.

Despite the fact that some oils are naturally thick and viscous, you should be able to distinguish between thick oil and tainted oil. Oil that is dark, sluggish, or has engine deposits should be changed because they could shorten the life of your engine.

The Best 5W30 Conventional Oil Reviewed

Valvoline Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Engine Oil

High standards are upheld by Valvoline for their 5w30 synthetic motor oil. It will give the engine of your car 50% more wear protection thanks to its anti-wear technology. This feature is supported by the industry’s Sequence IVA wear test.

This finest oil brand’s use of additional detergent will get rid of all the gunk, stop milky oil from forming, and make your engine sparkle. Additionally, it renders your car varnish-free. Your van’s oil economy and lifespan will consequently improve.

Valvoline HD 5w30 Oil Quart

as of December 6, 2022 3:26 pm

In the sweltering summers, Valvoline oil offers your car’s engine the finest defense. Additionally, even in severely cold temperatures, your car will be protected. Your vehicle will be prepared to move even as you are starting it. The combination of antioxidants in this 5w-30 synthetic oil is what enables your car to function under adverse circumstances.

Technical information: The advanced full synthetic Valvoline 5w30 oil has the following specifications: model number 881164, weight 3.23 lb, and dimensions 8.22 x 4.6 x 12.66 inches. The liquid within the container, however, has a 5 quart capacity.

Features of Valvoline SAE 5W30 Oil:

  • The benefits of Valvoline advanced complete synthetic SAE 5w30 include the following:
  • Wear-resistance technology to make your engine.
  • Extra detergents to provide the motor 25% greater resistance against varnish and sludge.
  • Antioxidants combine to shield the engine from severe weather.
  • American Petroleum Institute certification to bolster consumer confidence in the product


  • Simple to use oil bottle
  • Combat carbon deposits
  • Anti-glug tubes

Cons: The bottle’s oil could leak.

Royal Purple 53530 SAE 5W30 Conventional Oil

This 5W30 conventional oil is brought to us by Royal Purple. In order to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency, this oil has a low friction coefficient.

Patented additive technique is this oil’s greatest quality. By minimizing white sludge buildup and lubrication starvation, this technique prolongs the life of the engine. On the other hand, lubricants with a high percentage of gasoline-ethanol mixtures tend to generate white sludge more frequently.

Royal Purple 53530 5w30 Multi-Grade SAE Oil Bottles, 15 Quart

as of December 6, 2022 3:26 pm

This SAE vehicle oil is the front-runner in the business because to its exceptional corrosion-resistant technology. Due to this oil, no rust was seen throughout the usual industry tests.

With dimensions of 15.38 x 13.75 x 7.81 inches, the bottle weighs 10 lb. It holds approximately 5 quarts of liquid.

Features of Royal Purple 53530 Engine Oil:

  • Some amazing qualities of Royal Blue synthetic motor oil are listed below:
  • This oil strengthens the defense against LSPI.
  • The best 5w30 motor oil has a phosphorus/zinc-fortified anti-wear ingredient.
  • Its extraordinary stability against oxidation makes it special.
  • Superior corrosion resistance prevents rust from damaging the engine of your automobile and cleans the pistons 45% more thoroughly than other lubricants.


  • Improved LSPI engine protection.
  • Less piston deposit
  • Wear-prevention anti-wear additive

Cons: Increased lead content

Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 Conventional Oil

You’ll want an engine oil that increases the life of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters if you frequently drive long distances and want to reduce maintenance expenditures. That is exactly what this Mobil 1 5W30 engine oil is made to achieve; it is engineered to do so while also protecting your engine’s catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters from clogging.

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 1 Quart Bottle

as of December 6, 2022 3:26 pm

In addition, it will better safeguard the engine of your car, increasing performance and fuel efficiency. This engine oil is allowed for use in a variety of VWs, Porches, and PSA vehicles and is ACEA rated for both C2 and C3.

Shell Helix 5W30 Conventional Oil

This 5W30 engine oil will assist safeguard the many emissions systems that contemporary cars are fitted with, just like the Mobil 1 alternative mentioned above. But this Shell option is also made to keep sludge from accumulating in your engine. The synthetic engine oil Shell Helix Ultra uses “Active Cleaning Technology” to keep your car’s engine as clean as it was when it was brand-new.

SHELL HELIX ULTRA ECT 5W-30 Motor Oil 1 Liter

as of December 6, 2022 3:26 pm

Even at high speeds and temperatures, this product is made to keep the engine as clear of gunk as possible. Additionally, it will avoid clogging of the diesel particle filter and harm to your catalytic converter. This 5W30 oil has an ACEA C3 rating and can be used in a variety of BMW, Mercedes, and Chrysler vehicles.

Pros: You’ll get better fuel economy and sludge protection for your engine.

Cons: Not easy to find


  • Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters are protected, and total pollution is decreased.
  • Not designed for stop-and-start traffic

Final Words

Despite the fact that 5W30 engine oil is frequently advised by professionals and automakers, every car engine is unique. Remember to ask your mechanic and refer to your car’s manual for any special oil needs before selecting a multigrade oil.

One of the most crucial parts of effectively maintaining your car is using the right engine oil, along with routine maintenance and oil changes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do they still sell conventional oil ?

Yes. Even now, many automakers still call for conventional engine oils as long as they adhere to the most recent industry norms. Conventional oils, often known as mineral oils, were once the only type of motor oil. Because conventional oils require far less re-engineering and refinement, which can be expensive operations, they are frequently the most affordable choice.

It’s crucial to note that, despite being more similar to natural oil than synthetic or part-synthetic oils, conventional motor lubricants still contain vital additives to lessen engine wear and enhance performance.

Why can’t I find conventional motor oil ?

The reason is simple : the use of traditional motor oil has decreased over time in favor of synthetic oils.

Prior to 1985, 10W40 motor oil was the industry standard; however, it now only accounts for 2% of total sales. 5W-30, which accounts for 56% of the light-duty market, is currently the most popular motor oil. The viscosity of motor oil has gradually decreased since the 1980s, mostly to increase fuel efficiency. Even lighter engine oils have been introduced recently, continuing this trend.

Newer Toyota and Honda cars, for instance, need 0W-20 and 0W-16 motor oils, whereas some modern Dodge and Ford models need 5W-20. (As a word of caution, always confirm the OEM suggested oil grade in the owner’s manual before changing the motor oil.)

Can you mix conventional and synthetic oil ?

Yes. Mixing shouldn’t harm your engine if it’s something you do infrequently. To keep you moving until your next regularly planned maintenance check, let’s assume you wish to top off your oil. If the oil you use has the weight (or viscosity) indicated in your owner’s manual, mixing is acceptable.