55 Gallon Drum Vent – Best Prices

What is a 55 gallon drum vent ?

A 55 gallon drum vent is a piece of metal placed on the neck of the drum, that automatically release pressure from the drum, allowing compressed air to go. Use safety vents to stop hazardous failure of drums that store flammables.

What is the use of a drum vent ?

If the pressure inside your drums of flammable liquids builds up due to heat or a fire, the drum may burst and spread the fire. To safeguard the drum, vent plugs open automatically at 5 psi/internal pressure. The drum contents cannot be “flashback” ignited by the vented vapor due to the built-in flame arrestor.

What is a drum vent made of ?

There are multiple materials used to manufacture drum vents. They are generally made of steel or polyethylene (or both). The material used has a direct impact on the price, steel being the most expensive material for that kind of item.

How to choose the size of a drum vent ?

There are several sizes to a 55 gallon drum, depending on the specifications of the hole. You should use a vent which has the same dimensions than the barrel cap. Contact your drum’s manufacturer if you need more details about that.

How to add a vent to a 55 gallon drum ?

Here is a quick video about that :

What are the safety instructions to use a drum vent ?

You should always use respiratory, hearing, eye, hand and body protection when using or adapting a drum vent. Pressure can be high in a drum and you should always protect yourself when you handle that kind of equipment.