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Using the proper engine oil is one technique to safeguard your engine from damage. The improper type of motor oil might have a negative impact on the functioning of your vehicle’s engine. Different types of motor oils are available, each with its own thickness, viscosity, and capacity to endure high temperatures. A certain type of oil is suggested for most automobiles. Let’s see in details how a 55 gallon drum of 10w30 motor oil can fit your needs.

Introduction on 10w30 Motor Oil

Because of its ability to endure high temperatures for an extended period of time without impairing engine performance, 10w30 is a multi-grade engine oil suited for heavy-load engines. In low temperatures, this engine oil has a viscosity of 10 and in high temperatures, it has a viscosity of 30. At low temperatures, this engine oil has a low viscosity, which means it is thin.

Major Specifications of 55 Gallon Drum of 10w30 Motor Oil

The ACEA, API SN rating, and viscosity grade are some of the things to check for in 10w30 motor oils. This motor oil satisfies all API SN standards. The American Petroleum Institute created the API SN engine category. It specifies that the engine shall be capable of protecting the piston on the engine from any deposits created by combustion.

Sludge control is improved with the oil. This implies that at high temperatures, this motor oil does not produce any unwanted sludge or gels. After treatment and seal are also suitable with 10w30 motor oil.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, 10w30 motor oil from a 55 gallon drum should have an ACEA A3/B4 or A3/B3 classification.

Benefits of 10w30 Motor Oil

The benefits and features of 10w30 oil contained in a 55 gallon drum are numerous. This engine oil provides a continuous layer over all of the engine’s components, reducing friction. They also keep the engine cool while reducing engine wear and tear during stop/start operations.

10w30 protects engine components against corrosion. Your engine’s life will be extended by using this oil. It allows the operator to operate gears and clutches quietly and smoothly. Even at extreme temperatures, this motor oil maintains its viscosity.

It can be used in engines that run on advanced fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. While 10w30 can be used in cold weather, it is better suited for use in hot weather.

Is 10w30 synthetic oil better than regular oil for your engine?

Yes. BUT, you should always follow your vehicle’s manufacturer advice on that. While conventional oil provides enough lubrication, synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in terms of overall engine protection and performance.

Synthetic oils are made from higher-quality base oils rather than less-refined, less-refined base oils. Synthetics are made from these higher-quality basic oils:

  • Acidification and oxidation are less likely.
  • Chemically more stable
  • It’s more difficult to break down and lose desirable qualities.

Shelf Life of a 55 Gallon Drum of 10w30 Motor Oil

“The suggested shelf life for oils and greases is normally five years when stored properly in the original sealed containers,” according to ExxonMobil.

Oil does not have a set expiration date. A 55 Gallon Drum of 10W30 Motor Oil doesn’t have anything in it that spoils like food does. Oil, on the other hand, might be damaged due to impurities and/or additive dropout as a result of improper treatment.

The lifespan of oil is determined by how well it is handled and stored. However, if the drum is correctly stored, it can endure for as long as you need it. FIFO: First-in, first-out is a basic criterion for lubricant storage that can help extend the shelf life of an oil.

10w30 vs 5w30: What is the difference ?

The viscosity of the motor oil is prescribed by the Society of Automotive Engineers in both 10w30 and 5w30 categories. Winter is represented by the letter “W” in both paintings. At temperatures that measure the oil’s resistance to flow, both oils have a lower viscosity. However, compared to 10w30, 5w30 is substantially thinner. Because of its low viscosity, 55-gallon drum 5w30 full synthetic oils will be able to protect the engine’s interior components faster than 10w30.


The SAE rating of both 5w30 and 10w30 engine oils is the same, indicating that they will operate similarly at high or operating temperatures. The number 30 represents the viscosity of oils at high temperatures. In a cold area, however, 10w30 will thicken more. During the colder months, 5w30 is ideal.

Ideal Use

It’s crucial to evaluate the location of where you’ll be driving the vehicle before choosing engine oil. Although both 5w30 and 10w30 are multi-grade oils, the latter thins out enough when living in a cold climate. As a result, it performs much better in the cold than 10w30. In warmer summers or greater temperatures, however, 10w30 will flow adequately.

Is a 55 Gallon Drum of 10w30 Motor Oil Good For High Mileage ?

The 10W30 motor oil contained in a 55 gallon drum is a good high-mileage oil. For older engines, it improves fuel economy by lowering oil consumption.

Older engines with more than 75,000 miles require a heavier oil to adequately lubricate their vital engine parts and avoid oil leaks, sludge, and deposits. A high viscosity motor oil can assist resist engine wear and tear, as well as friction created by grinding gears on metal surfaces, in high-mileage engines.

Before purchasing a higher viscosity oil, consult your engine handbook to ensure that it is not too thick for your engine and will not cause any issues with its operation.

I used 15w40 oil instead of 10w30: is it OK ?

Yes, it is acceptable in the sense that your automobiles will not be harmed. It does not, however, imply that you should do it on purpose.

If you use 15w40 55 gallon drum of motor oil instead of 10w30 motor oil, for example, there will be no damage to your vehicle. You can always change the oil if you want to. BUT if you can avoid it, use the preferred motor oil advised by your vehicle’s manufacturer, which is listed in your owner’s handbook.

Shelf life of a 55 gallon drum of 10w30 motor oil

Oil does not have a set expiration date. Drums don’t have anything in them that spoils like food does. Oil, on the other hand, might be damaged due to impurities and/or additive dropout as a result of improper treatment. Most oil drums and containers do not have a use by date stamped on the top (unless you’re working with certain types of oil, such as culinary oil).

Longevity depends on the quality of storage

For example, if you leave a drum of oil outside in 95-degree temperatures and it gets hit by a summer thunderstorm, you’re going to have problems. Even if the drum has never been opened, water will accumulate on the lid and be drawn into the drum itself.

A hazy look or visible sediment buildup are common symptoms of degradation. However, if the drum is correctly stored, it can endure for as long as you need it. Contamination risks will be reduced, while cost-effectiveness and safety will improve.


Now, you know everything about a 55 gallon drum of 10w30 motor oil ! As lubricants become more and more expensive these days, we hope that this guide helped you find the right product at the right price. Also, do not forget that most of these products come with free shipping. Whether you are looking for blend or synthetic oil, we will be more than happy to assist you to to make the right choice !