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55-Gallon Drum 5W30 Full Synthetic motor oil is the standard for new car warranties in the United States and many other countries. It meets or exceeds the latest car manufacturers’ recommended specifications. 5W30 full synthetic is a modern engine lubricant that reduces friction and exhaust emissions while preserving metal deposits and protecting against rust. It also produces much lower levels of sludge in engines over time.

What is synthetic motor oil?

A conventional or straight-detergent oil is a type of lubricating oil that is made from natural hydrocarbons, while a synthetic oil is manufactured and it can be made from petroleum or even other synthetic materials.

Synthetic oils are more expensive to produce than their conventional counterparts, but they deliver superior performance and longevity in the engine. These oils reduce friction and wear because they have properties that are chemically similar to those of natural oils.

The most common form of synthetic oil is 5W-30 full synthetic. This oil has an API specification (as with all of our products), which means it has been tested by the American Petroleum Institute–the worldwide body that regulates automotive lubricants–and it has met their standards. It also meets or exceeds car manufacturers’ recommended specifications for 5W-30 full synthetic motor oils (they may specify certain additives).

Synthetic oils are superior to conventional oils in many ways because they are manufactured to replicate the properties of natural oils, like viscosity, volatility, and pour point temperature. They also work better over time because they don’t break down as quickly as require less maintenance.

How does synthetic motor oil work?

Synthetic motor oil is a blend of base oils and additives that work together to create a lubricant. These additives include zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, which is useful in the prevention of engine wear and corrosion. It also includes fluorocarbons, which are important for protecting the seals in engines as well as preventing rusting.

This oil also contains esters, ethers, and polymers. The esters are used in the creation of emulsions and reduce friction during the combustion process by filling air gaps between fuel molecules. Ethers help maintain an even film on metal surfaces because they don’t evaporate or evaporate at different rates depending on the temperature of the surface. Polymers help prevent wear caused by friction and heat generation within the engine by creating an environment where friction-causing particles can’t stick to metal surfaces making them more slippery.

The other ingredients found in these oils are chain extenders that have been specifically designed to increase viscosity at low temperatures as well as anti-wear agents that protect against wear from heat generated from combustion processes. Some examples of anti-wear agents include phosphorous compounds like tetraethyllead (TEL) and diphenyltin oxide (DPTO). Both these compounds prevent wear at high temperatures while also reducing nitrous oxide emissions produced by the combustion process over time.

Blend synthetic oil vs. Full synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is divided into two categories: synthetic blend oil and full synthetic oil. Here’s the distinction.

Synthetic blend oil is made up of a combination of traditional and synthetic base stocks. You’ll get greater performance and protection for your engine from this oil than you would from a traditional oil alone, thanks to the synthetic base stock.

Full synthetic oil is made out of a synthetic base stock and a number of additives that improve the oil’s performance. While all synthetics on the market may provide more protection than conventional or synthetic blends, they are not all created equal. A blend of high-performance fluids and additives is used in each synthetic brand. As a result of how these formulations interact, different levels of protection and qualities are achieved.

New-car warranty and 5W30 full synthetic

If you purchase a new car with a manufacturer-recommended 5W30 full synthetic, you should use that oil in your car. The warranty of most new cars includes an automatic extension of the warranty period if you use the specific type of oil recommended by the manufacturer.

However, there are many new cars on the market today without a manufacturer recommendation for 5W30 full synthetic oil. In these cases, it is up to you to use a specific type of oil that meets or exceeds the recommended specifications. The most common oils used to meet this specification are 0W-20 and 5W-40 full synthetics.

Why use a synthetic oil ?

If you get a new vehicle, the manufacturer will likely recommend that you use 5W30 full synthetic motor oil. This is because it’s been found to be the most effective and safest type of oil to use.

Synthetic oils are superior to mineral oils in many ways and one of those ways is that they don’t break down as quickly as mineral oils do. They also have more detergent with which to clean up the sludge that builds up in engines when using mineral oils. Additionally, synthetic oil doesn’t leave deposits on metal surfaces due to their molecular composition.

Synthetic lubricants are also superior to mineral lubricants because they can be used at higher temperatures without causing engine damage. Some manufacturers even recommend using synthetic oil over mineral oil for high-performance vehicles like racecars and drag racers, as well as for heavy-duty trucks and other types of vehicles that operate at very high temperatures or under extreme environmental conditions.

Another important benefit of synthetic oils is that they can extend the life of an engine by protecting against rust and corrosion caused by minerals in the engine’s lubricant. In fact, a study showed that a change from mineral oil to 5W-30 full synthetic increased engine life expectancy by 25 percent!

Why 55-Gallon Drum 5W30 Full Synthetic oil is different

This oil doesn’t have a specific API specification, but it has become so widely accepted as meeting the expectations of most users that most suppliers cluster their products under “5W-30” or similar variations.

The same cannot be said about older versions of this oil, however. Many old 5W oils can cause serious engine damage when they don’t meet the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for those oils. If you use an old 5W20, 5W30, or any other older version of this oil in your vehicle, we recommend you switch to another type of motor oil as soon as possible for your own safety and to avoid any potential future issues with your car’s engine.

Prices for 5W30 Motor Oil – 55 Gallon Drums

A 55-gallon drum 5W30 full synthetic motor oil costs between $500 and $1,200 online, depending on the retailer, the brand and the country. That price will then save you a lot more than $200 from buying multiple gallons at the store over time.

Brands for 55-Gallon Drum 5W30 Full Synthetic oil

Castrol, Mobil, FormulaShell a world-renowned brand that has been providing top-quality motor oil products for years. Their 55-gallon drum 5W30 full synthetic full synthetic motor oil is suitable for all cars, trucks, and motorcycles in all conditions. It meets the OEM standard. The strict standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) are also respected. It means you can trust this product to work well in both conventional and turbocharged engines.

These oils are great for those who live in colder climates as it has a high temperature capability and a low volatility rating. It also has a high viscosity index rating which helps prevent foaming. This oil features an advanced additive package that offers superior protection against wear, sludge buildup, and corrosion.

It’s obvious why these products are such a popular choice among enthusiasts worldwide. They’re made with the best quality components, provides superior performance, and most importantly – it delivers on its promises!

55-Gallon Drum 5W30 Full Synthetic oil vs 15W40 oil

There are many different types of oil. 5W30 full synthetic is the standard for new car warranties.
Some people prefer to use oils with lower viscosity from time to time; a 15w40 would be an excellent choice for those individuals.

The main difference between the two oils is that the 5W30 has a thinner viscosity than the 15w40, and this allows it to flow more easily through engine components.

Another difference between them is that the 5W30 has less zinc; this lowers its freezing point. This makes it possible for engines to start up faster in cold weather or after being turned off for a long period of time, but it also makes it easier for sludge to form in these engines when they’re not regularly maintained.

This oil will also run hotter than most other oils, so if you frequently use your vehicle in high heat environments where you need protection from heat damage, then you should consider switching over to a 55 Gallon Drum of 10W30 Motor Oil or even a 20w-50 motor oil instead of this one.

Is 5W30 full synthetic safe to use in my car?

It is possible to use 5W30 full synthetic in your car, but it’s important to remember that there are varying company specifications for this oil. Many manufacturers recommend against using this oil in older cars, so it’s important to check with a manufacturer whether or not their car recommends the use of 5W30 full synthetic.

If you use 5W30 full synthetic in your car, make sure that you replace it regularly. It is also important to change your oil filter every time you change your oil using 5W30 full synthetic. If you don’t replace the filter when you change the oil, then any metal particles can get trapped and cause serious engine damage as well as polluting your vehicle’s emissions system.

6 reasons to use 55-Gallon Drum 5W30 Full Synthetic oil

1. It meets or exceeds the latest car manufacturers’ recommended specifications.
2. It reduces friction and exhaust emissions while preserving metal deposits and protecting against rust.
3. It produces much lower levels of sludge in engines over time.
4. You will protect your engine from damage when you use 5W-30 full synthetic oil instead of an older, non-specification version of this oil
5. You will reduce your fuel costs if you switch to 5W-30 full synthetic oil
6. Your vehicle will use less gasoline over time because it burns more smoothly with synthetic oil


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