55 Gallon Drum Lifter – Best Prices

What is a 55 Gallon Drum Lifter ?

Without the proper equipment, hoisting and lifting drums can be a dangerous and backbreaking activity. With a drum truck, drum cart, 55 gallon drum lifter, drum sling, and other lifters and movers, you can transport your drums with ease and make your job a little easier. Dollies and trucks make it simple for one person to carry drums throughout your building safely and easily without tipping them over, even in high-traffic areas. Dispensing is made safe and simple using cradles and dispensing dollies.

Types of 55 Gallon Drum Lifter

Drum Tugs

Drum and Tugs have casters (two locking, swivel, and two fixed) and a hitch/receiver system for forklift movement of drums. For long life, the sump is built of strong gauge steel. Some models have a 385-gallon capacity and satisfies EPA and UFC criteria. Drum model has a 66-gallon sump volume and meets EPA and UFC requirements.

  • To ensure leak tightness, sump welds are 100% tested with a low-viscous test.
  • Spills may be easily cleaned thanks to the removable grating.
  • Drum models have walls to keep them from tipping over, whereas IBC Tote models have a lip to keep them from sliding.
  • A corrosion-resistant coating has been applied.

Spill carts

When transporting liquids, spill carts give further protection against spills and leaks. Spill Carts are designed for smaller containers and are easy to maneuver in short aisles or between equipment in compact spaces, thanks to their durable casters and aluminum push handle.

  • Construction is made of solid welded steel for long-term use in severe industrial environments.
  • In most cases, you can choose between an open sump or a grating platform.
  • For sump cleaning, the grating can be easily removed.

Poly Drum Lifter

poly 55 gallon drum lifter

A Poly Drum Lifter makes transporting and dispensing from drums simple and safe. Drums are easy to handle and transport thanks to their lightweight poly construction, ergonomic design, and large 10″ wheels.

  • In tough industrial conditions, the design holds up.
  • Secondary spill control is provided by the dispensing sump.
  • Chemicals may be easily recovered from the sump thanks to the convenient drain plug.
  • The polyethylene design makes it easy to handle, prevents rust and corrosion, and is ideal for handling and dispensing caustic chemicals.

How To Lift and Transport a Drum Safely

Use protective clothing

Drum handling safety necessitates a methodical approach to removing all potential sources of danger. If the contents of the drum are hazardous or combustible, take the necessary measures. Wear adequate protective gear, such as gloves, steel-toed shoes, and eye protection, at all times.

protective clothing for 55 gallon drum lifter

Eliminate risk factors

Environmental concerns such as proper lighting and enough space to securely handle drums should be considered. Of course, messy, slanted, or slick floor surfaces heighten the dangers. Remove as many of these circumstances as possible, and clean up any spillage. Any missing bungs or lids should be replaced.

When handling big drums, always utilize the correct equipment for the job. All staff should be trained in safe drum handling practices and the proper use of drum handling equipment.

If you can use an electric 55 gallon drum lifter

Pallets are widely used to store various types of drums. You may underride these pallets with an electric 55 gallon drum lifter, grip the drum with a tong, and then hoist it up. The user does not have to exert any physical effort because the gripping and lifting operations are controlled by a simple remote.

From start to finish, the drum lifter is in charge of grabbing, lifting, and moving the drums. You may easily carry the drum to its intended area once it has been secured on the grasping device. As a result, the lifter serves as a drum trolley, liftomat, and drum turner all at once.

Price of a Drum Lifter

The price of those accessories range from $150 to more than $700. There are several factors that make the price change:

  • Capacity: the more important the capacity, the higher the price. A lifter with a 2,000 lbs capacity will be more expensive than one than can handle a 1,200 lbs load.
  • Material: products in stainless steel will be more expensive than products in plastic, obviously.
  • Wheels: the higher the number of wheels, the higher the price. The height of wheel can also have an influence, as a bigger wheel can allow the lifters to handle a more heavy weight.

Why You Should Buy a 55 Gallon Drum Lifter

Liquid storage drums are lifted, transported, and unloaded using drum handling equipment. 55 gallon drum lifters, also simply known as drum lifters, are used in the chemical, shipping, and manufacturing industries to promote efficiency and safety.

It is unsafe to move a drum with your hands

Drums that are too heavy to handle should always be moved using the right drum handling equipment. Make use of a 55 gallon drum lifter to do that! A full 55-gallon (210-liter) steel drum can weigh more than 2000 pounds (907 kg), with usual weights ranging from 400 to 800 pounds (180 to 363 kg). The contents of your drum may change within when it is moved, making it difficult to regulate or perhaps dangerous.

When handling a plastic or fiber drum, there are additional issues. Greater risks can be posed by conditions such as confined rooms and slick or uneven floors.

Handling a large drum incorrectly can result in significant injury, damage to the drum, loss of important contents, or contamination of the environment. A stretched back, crushed fingers or hands, and foot damage are also common injuries. Spills and damage can occur as a result of dropped drums or drums rolling out of control.

You can hurt yourself

The following are some of the most common injuries caused by improper drum handling:

  • When churning full drums, broken or crushed limbs (especially lower legs) fall on the employee;
  • Fingers/hands bruised, shattered, or fractured as a result of being entrapped between drums on a pallet;
  • Long-term inappropriate handling of high weights causes a wide range of musculoskeletal diseases, most commonly involving the spine/back, shoulder, or neck.

How To Lift A Drum Properly Using a 55 Gallon Drum Lifter

Always use a fully-tested drum lifting equipment adequate for the task when moving drums from (or onto) a pallet, and keep hands and other employees clear of the drum during the lifting motion. A 55 gallon drum lifter is a great solution for that. Also:

  • Make sure the drum lifter you’re using is in good working order and is built to handle the exact drum type you’re working with; some drum trolleys can’t handle plastic open-top drums, but our special drum trolley can.
  • Do not try to move drums up and down steep slopes with equipment that isn’t designed for the job.
  • Operate drum hand trucks with a straight back, two hands, and your leg if the trolley’s design requires it; make sure no one is standing too close to the load while manipulating it.
  • Check that the drum lifter’s safe working load (SWL) is appropriate for the weight of the drums being handled.
  • If in doubt, lower the drum back down to ensure the connection between the drum and the lifter is secure.
  • Keep the cargo as close to the ground as possible when moving a drum with a drum lifter in case it becomes dislodged for any reason.
  • When leaving the machine unattended for any period of time, do not leave the drums lifted.
  • Ensure that no cables or hoses are caught beneath drums when lowering them to the ground, and that pallets are in good condition before loading large drums onto them.

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Conclusion on 55 Gallon Drum Lifter

Drum handling safety should be an important aspect of the work culture for organizations that employ barrels and drums in their operations. Having a 55 gallon drum dolly is an option. But to eliminate the need for hazardous manual handling, employers must consider the dangers of loading and unloading big drums/barrels and implement acceptable health and safety procedures. Using a 55 gallon drum lifter is one of them !