55 Gallon Drum Dolly – Best Prices

You’re probably using container drums every day, or pretty often. As you probably already know, container drums are typically used to transport hazardous liquids because the substance surrounding the item prevents leakage or decay when dealing with harmful liquids. As a result, it’s critical that you transport this equipment with caution and ease to avoid any spills. In that case, a 55 gallon drum dolly is essential.

This piece of equipment will give you with a great way to transport drums while keeping everyone else safe. This article will provide you with an explanation of what a drum dolly is, how to operate it securely, precautions to take, and the advantages of purchasing one (or more) for your business.

What is a drum dolly ?

A 55 gallon drum dolly is a cost-effective way to move a 55 gallon drum around the workplace. Their sturdy design allows them to transport barrels efficiently and smoothly across the workplace, preventing hazardous chemicals from spilling. As a result, a safer working environment is created, with a lower risk of personal harm or property damage.

The majority have four wheels to provide a smooth glide, as well as a circular frame to keep the objects secure within the dolly’s rim. They’re made to keep a container from moving around its circumference when it’s being held.

This piece of equipment will have an X shape running across the circular base with increased support to prevent your container from wobbling or falling over. The great thing is that you have a variety to choose from, so pick one that best matches you and your needs.

What is a drum dolly used for ?

A drum dolly make it simple to move a drum alone. It is useful for transporting drums that may contain fluids or chemicals because it ensures safe and steady carriage of the hazardous items. You manually place the drum on the dolly and push it to the designated spot.

Oil & Gas

Due to their capacity to store the combustible and hazardous liquids used in this business and the rate at which goods must be moved, drum containers are employed in oil and gas containers.

Drum dollies are a good choice for organizations that need to move drum containers holding liquids like oil because of the rate at which drum containers must be moved around in the oil and gas industry.


Drum containers are frequently used in the construction sector to transport construction chemicals because of their ability to handle hazardous materials and liquids. This makes the construction sector a prime illustration of where a drum dolly can be used.

Food & Beverage

Drum containers are used in the food and beverage industry to transport large quantities of liquids, such as water, as well as foods, such as dry goods, in bulk.

For businesses that move, sell, or buy huge quantities of food and beverages, drum dollies are the perfect option. As it is typical to transport multiple amounts at once in the food and beverage business, you will probably find them employed in conjunction with a palletizer.

Types of 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

Several distinct styles of 55 gallon drum dolly exist on the market, and they all work in the same way. A dolly is one of the most utilitarian devices you could ever require, serving as a mobile stand for the drum to rest on while being carried around. They are also incredibly trustworthy due to their simplicity of construction.

Drum dollies typically come in two varieties: stainless steel or heavy-duty steel.

When hygiene is not a concern, heavy-duty steel versions are useful for carrying highly filled drums because they accept most drum barrels.

Versions made of stainless steel are ideal if your company uses machinery that must be in compliance with sterile conditions, such as those found in the food industry, and if rust is to be prevented.

Cross-Brace Drum Dollies with Support Ring

cross brace 55 gallon drum dolly

The X-shaped deck of these cross-brace drum dollies allows liquids to travel through. A support ring surrounds the deck, preventing drums from slipping off. These dollies are less heavy than dollies with a solid deck.

Open-Deck Drum Dollies with Clamping Support

open deck 55 gallon drum dolly

A support ring with a band clamp that can be adjusted to hold the drum securely on the ring makes up these dollies. These dollies, sometimes known as band dollies, are primarily used to move smaller drums. The dollies have a huge open space in the center that allows them to be hung when not in use and prevents trash from collecting on them. The raised edge of the support ring prevents drums from falling off. Solid-deck dollies are heavier and more difficult to transport.

Easy-Spigot-Access Solid-Deck Drum Dollies

easy spigot access 55 gallon drum dolly

The robust square platform of these dollies has raised corners to prevent drums from rolling off. They give access to drum spigots when the drums are on dollies.

Multi-Tier Cross-Brace Drum Dollies with Support Ring

multi tier cross brace 55 gallon drum dolly

A 55 gallon drum dolly with a three-tiered X-shaped deck are known as multi-tier cross-brace drum dollies. A 5-gallon barrel can be supported on the inner tier, a 30-gallon drum on the middle tier, and a 55-gallon drum on the outer tier. Liquids can travel through the cross-brace deck, which is enclosed by a support ring that prevents drums from sliding off. These dollies are less heavy than dollies with a solid deck.

Solid-Deck Drum Dollies

solid deck 55 gallon drum dolly

A solid spherical platform with a raised edge on solid-deck drum dollies prevents drums from sliding off and liquid from falling through the dollies.

Heavy-Duty Cross-Brace Drum Dollies with Support Ring

heavy duty cross brace 55 gallon drum dolly

A sturdy, welded square frame surrounds a deep-lipped support ring on heavy-duty cross-brace drum dollies, preventing drums from falling off. They are capable of carrying heavier drums than ordinary drum dollies. Liquids can pass through the deck thanks to the cross-brace frame.

Adjustable Cross-Brace Drum Dollies

adjustable cross brace 55 gallon drum dolly

Drum dollies with adjustable cross-braces can be prolonged or shortened to fit securely around drums or overpacks of various sizes. The dollies have an X-shaped deck that allows liquids to travel through and gives access to the spigots on the drums while they are on the dollies. Raised corners on the deck prevent drums from falling off. In addition to circular drums, these dollies are lighter than solid-deck dollies and can transport square overpacks, cartons, and crates.

When it comes to choosing the correct drum dolly for your purposes, the most important factor to consider is whether or not it can support the weight of your drums. Plastic dollies are the most basic types available, and they can handle up to 600 pounds. They have a simple base and come in a variety of colors, which you can use for color coding to ensure that employees choose the proper drum for their needs.

Weight carried by a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

A drum dolly has a maximum weight capacity of 500 kg. Before you buy a dolly, we always advise you to verify the weight of the drums you need to lift to make sure it can support the weight, is the proper size, and satisfies your requirements.

Drum dollies are often made of steel to fit the size of what are typically circular drums and transport the weight across a tiny circle area. They may transport anything from 25 liters of liquid up to 210 liters of liquid, depending on the weight. The typical nominal volume of a container drum is 208 liters, therefore you should consider purchasing a dolly with a 210-liter capacity to ensure you can handle the typical weighted drum container.

Purchasing the dolly with the highest weight restriction may be a good choice because you will be able to transport both container drums with lower and higher weight limits to their maximum carrying capacity. Drum dollies are made in such a way that they can support the maximum weight of container drums, which often have a maximum weight limit of their own.

Price of a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

The price of those products range from around $70 to around $200. Here are the elements that make the price change:

  • Capacity: the higher the accepted load capacity, the higher the price.
  • Shape: a dolly with a simple shape to insert under the drum, will be cheaper than products with a more advanced handling structure. Wheels also make the price differ: a 4-wheel product will be cheaper than a 8-wheel cart.
  • Material: cart made of plastic material will be less expensive than stainless steel products.
  • Size: the price increases when the diameter of the structure increases.

How to use a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly ?

As simple as that

Lift your drum to place it on the 55 gallon drum dolly’s structure and you’re go to go. You may effortlessly push your containers by placing them on this mover and moving it from one spot to another with little effort. If you need to push many containers, we recommend investing in supportive lifting equipment that can move multiple containers at once or move them faster across uneven or hard conditions.

If it needs to be lifted to a specific height or moved across more difficult terrain than the wheels and bearings on the frame may be able to handle, you can also utilize these with other lifting equipment. A fork-mounted drum tilter with a gearbox or a fork-mounted rib grip drum handler are two things that can be used to load drums from or with a drum dolly.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should only use a drum dolly on a flat surface. If this is not the case, consider adding additional support. Extend a ratchet strap or two from one point of the steel frame diagonally over to the other side if you want to use it on a sloped or uneven surface.

Why you should buy a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

To begin with, moving drums you should not be a pain ! If you move big drums quite often, a dolly is necessary. They are relatively light and resilient, making them easy to transport.

They were created to enable for the easy transit of varying capacities, allowing you to transfer different containers. The main advantage of this product is that it allows for easy drum movement and reduces the risk of spills thanks to its circular form that keeps everything in place and stabilized.

How do you move a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly ?

Moving a 55 gallon drum dolly around the workplace can be done in a variety of ways, but for maximum safety, employees should avoid pushing them. The reason for this is that, while it is highly unlikely that a drum will topple over while in motion, applying a large amount of force to the very top of the drum may cause it to fall, especially if it hits a hole in the ground or falls down a slope, which can occur without warning in many industrial settings.

Most dollies and carts have a built-in handle attached to the base to prevent this from happening. This guarantees that the majority of movement is below the drum’s center of gravity while it is carried about, considerably reducing any toppling risk that would otherwise exist.

Safety aspects of a 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

Although they appear to be simple to use, there are a few precautions to take when using and transporting items with a 55 gallon drum dolly.

  1. The dolly is only designed to move loads on flat, level ground; using it on uneven ground may result in spillage.
  2. Park the dolly in a secure area with the brakes applied.
  3. Only one operator should operate a dolly at a time.
  4. When the unit is in use, do not allow other personnel to stand in front of it in case a hazardous liquid spills.
  5. Under no circumstances should the dolly’s Safe Working Load (SWL)/Rated Capacity be exceeded.
  6. A 55 gallon drum dolly is fragile. You should not stand on it , and inspect your products on a regular basis to make sure they’re in good functioning order.

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You may want to use the drums as waste storage and need to make it easy for staff to get around the facility to properly dispose of the contents, or you have a stock of oil or other liquid in the drums and need to make it easy for staff to stock up on smaller quantities of liquid at their individual work stations. In any case, a 55 gallon drum dolly make internal distribution a breeze and improve the overall efficiency of your processes for a relatively low investment.